Ron Ellsworth to run for re-election in 2017

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For Immediate Release


After careful consideration over the last number of months and consultations with friends and family, I am pleased to announce that I will run for Councillor at Large in the municipal election this coming September. In the lead up to each election, I give careful thought to my personal life as well as my professional one and in what capacity I believe I can best serve our city. A Councillor at Large position will allow me to focus on several matters that have been the core of my portfolio for the last number of years.  

My two terms on council thus far have given me great insight into what is working well in the city as well as what we need to do better. In the last campaign my platform was focused on  increasing accountability, community leadership, and collaboration. As Deputy Mayor I have seen firsthand how much we were able to improve in each of these areas over the last four years. Believing that we need to continuously improve in these areas, I now wish to turn my attention to more specific issues facing our city.  

When elected, I pledge to continue my work to increase the accessibility and inclusiveness of our city. While there have been improvements over the last number of years, including modifications made to the GoBus paratransit system, there is still much work to be done. I am committed to working with our staff and the public to find creative ways to continue this improvement in the years to come.  

Over the last number of years it has become evident that additional services are needed for both our seniors and our youth – two of our most vulnerable demographics. While we have made great strides, there is still much work left to do. With the growing population of senior citizens, proper planning is needed to ensure we have adequate resources in place to address their needs in the coming years. Further, we must extend our efforts to protect the youth who need it most and to provide the tools that all of our young people need to reach their full potential. 

One of my primary focus areas during this term on council has been the promotion of affordable housing and safeguarding tenants against slum landlords. These initiatives are critical parts of building an inclusive city that both protects residents where it is needed and raises the standard of living within the city.  

Each of these initiatives, like every decision made by council, must always be taken while practicing sound fiscal responsibility. Council's primary charge is to spend tax dollars in the most effective way we can. Protecting taxpayers from unnecessary or inefficient spending has always been, and will continue to be, a top priority.  

When elected, I am committed to working toward achieving these goals in addition to continuing to address my long term initiatives of transparency and financial accountability. I strongly believe that a Councillor at Large  position would give me the greatest ability to achieve these goals.  

Steve French

Work, 7 Plank Rd, St John's, NL, A1E 1H4, Canada